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Do you want to get the attention of your currently serving Democrat elected officials? Register as a Democrat, or if you are presently registered as Republican, Independent, or other, change your party affiliation to Democrat. Only voters registered as Democrats before the last Saturday in May (May 30, 2020) can vote in the Democrat primary election currently scheduled for September 15, 2020. Registering as a Democrat does not restrict a voter’s choice in the general election; it gives a voter two swings of the bat, one in the primary and one in the general.
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The Refuge, a state-funded center for substance abuse treatment and workforce training, has opened at the corner of McCoy Road and Kirkwood Saint Georges Road.

The Refuge 4185 Kirkwood St Georges Rd, Bear, DE 19701

Is your neighborhood the best place to bring substance abusers and offenders? Your State elected officials thought so. They were so sure, they didn’t find it necessary to consult or inform you — before or after the ribbon cutting!

“The group this morning are not residents at the Refuge. Most are offenders involved in the Plummer Center work release program. They bus from that center in Wilmington to the Refuge on weekdays to work with Salimon or other members of his team.”

Concerned yet? See and note the frequency of offenders walking away:

Finally, note the excerpt from and its foreboding implication for future plans:

“Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to serve individuals convicted of a sex offense.”

What can you do?

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