Dear neighbors,

Our personal safety, peace of mind, and property value are under threat.

My wife and I have been repeated victims of drug-related crime. We moved to our tranquil home here several years ago to get away from crime and drugs in the city. To me, recidivism is a visceral threat, not just an intellectual statistic. That’s why I am so disappointed that our elected officials didn’t ask for input from us before they supported placing this program here.

I don’t oppose effective drug abuse treatment programs or effective prison re-entry programs. I do oppose the ill-considered decision to place a drug abuse treatment program and a prison re-entry program at 4185 Kirkwood St Georges Rd. I am concerned by the complete lack of community outreach, before or after the politically well-attended ribbon cutting and tour of the facility. The decision to operate a heavy construction equipment training program at this suburban residential location as part of the re-entry program is a clear red flag that the responsible parties are not acting responsibly. This leads me to question the motives and abilities of the operators and political supporters who brought this program to our neighborhood. Wouldn’t a controlled access industrial park be a more appropriate setting with far less impact on neighbors’ security and property value and with access to existing public transportation? What possibly motivated the selection of this particular location over all others? Let’s follow the money (our tax dollars) and see where it takes us.

Please use this website as a starting point to prepare yourself for the challenges we will face together. This is only the beginning. We are the tip of the spear and The Refuge is the tip of the iceberg. Your active participation is urgently needed.

We, the neighbors, initiated the first meeting about The Refuge with our elected officials. It was held on July 2, 2019 at the Delaware City Public Library and was attended by over 60 residents. We need even more neighbors to speak up.

If you value your personal safety, peace of mind, and property value, please join your neighbors in our common goal to move The Refuge.

I will not be collateral damage. Tell our elected officials that you won’t be either. Call or email each of them today. Find out who represents our interests and who does not. There’s plenty of time to resolve this issue before the 2020 primary and general elections, so you’ll know who needs thanking and who needs time off for self-reflection.

Brad Siegfried
2677 McCoy Rd
302-547-3597 cell

Contact your elected officials today!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am disappointed and upset by this website and movement. It is sad and painful to watch a community react in ignorance to the people they are harming most by this. People in early recovery do not need to feel unwanted by their community; that stigma has perpetuated their problem in the first place. Your property value is not worth more than the lives of human beings who are looking to start a happy life and rebuild from the ground up. This website is terribly selfish, sad, and harmful. To think that these recovering men are so concerned with YOUR well-being and property when they have not even learned to begin to manage their own is ridiculous.
    Your approach to this endeavor (to help the community) as a political ploy is so aggressive and inconsiderate that I dare not even post my name with this comment, out of fear of community isolation and aggression. I love that the Refuge is in my neighborhood and I’m proud to have people in office for Delaware that want to HELP with the opioid crisis that has taken lives of many young people in our state.

    • klynmil says:

      Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, Thank you for your input about how terrible we are acting. You think this is solely about property value? I believe you Mr. or Ms. Anonymous are a coward. Take a stand Sir or Madam. Senator Poore or Represntative Longhurst would love your input.

  • Joe says:

    Thank you Brad and Henry for raising awareness on this important topic. Everyone living nearby should be concerned and involved. It is interesting that in the ribbon cutting video Elizabeth Romero says, “We want people to know this is here.” Strange then that those behind the sponsorship of The Refuge didn’t bother to involve us, the community at large, in any conversation or debate about the merits of this facility versus the concerns we as a community rightfully would express. Did you know about the change in business operations or the intended purpose of this facility in your own “backyard”. I certainly didn’t. If this was such a great thing for the community it seems suspicious that we weren’t included or even made aware of the goings on known as The Refuge. Our voices weren’t heard to this point, but now thanks to the efforts of a few concerned neighbors we are able to see what is going on at this facility and how our elected officials have failed us to date.

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