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  • Clifford McCann says:

    This is a perfect example of our elected representatives betraying the people that elected them. They were ‘bulldozed’ by the power of the state and were embarrassed to even notify their constituents. This is the closest thing to Socialism that I have ever witnessed in any place I have lived. The state dictates to the detriment of the people they are supposed to represent. I bet you they won’t open one of these facilities in Greenville. Vote them out!

  • blank Art H says:

    I have to say you are giving Bill Bell a pass because why? He just passed the microphone to his attorney. The fact is the county allowed the zoning to happen. To say you didn’t know about it means you are lazy or incompetent. Bill hasn’t been around a community meeting for years but now you all think he cares? As was stated maybe it’s because he has a primary challenge he decided to wake up from his 16 year nap. Also, for full disclosure I know the Caneco family, good people, so if this site is going to be get involved in the Bell re-election campaign instead of focusing on the core issues of the site count me out. It’s also bad strategy. What if Caneco wins? Umm yea you prob want him as an ally. Stay out of politics or this page will lose credibility on addressing the key issue we all want to see. The refuge moved to a better location!

    • Move The Refuge says:

      Art, thank you for your comment. I’m glad we agree that The Refuge needs to be moved to a more appropriate location. I will be the first to thank each and every elected official, state or county, who helps to make that happen. Meanwhile, I want to hold each of our currently serving elected officials accountable — state officials for state actions, county officials for county actions.

      Remember, the state, not the county, funded The Refuge here. The headline on the State of Delaware news page at https://news.delaware.gov/2019/02/19/division-of-substance-abuse-and-mental-health-opens-first-integrated-treatment-homes-in-delaware/ says “Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Opens First Integrated Treatment Homes in Delaware.” That’s Representative Longhurst, not Councilman Bell, seated next to Governor Carney at the Governor’s tour of The Refuge on February 28, 2019. It is the county, not the state, that is putting a stop to the construction equipment and non-residential services at The Refuge.

      So let’s focus on a core issue that I think we can agree on. Our state elected officials need to get on board with moving The Refuge. They need to represent us, not the state agencies who want to exercise their rights on us.

      The door is open for our state elected officials to represent us. Votes will turn on this issue.

    • blank klynmil says:

      Sorry to see you go Art. Councilman Bell has been working on this community’s behalf since the July 2nd meeting before he had a potential opponent. He promised to get us meeting with land use and he did, three of them in fact. If you are friends with Mr. Caneco I would advise him to stick with the original plan of challenging Senator Poore. She is ripe for the picking.

      • blank Art h says:

        Did you ever ask Bill Bell if he authorized his land use committee to approve it when the state asked? Do your research, Bell is a politicians politician and you are being had. He approved it then when he saw no one liked it changed his story

        • blank klynmil says:

          The State didn’t ask the County, Art. They didn’t tell the county anything. They just thought they could run under the same use permit as the AuClair school. If they would have gone to the county, they would have had to pay their back taxes from the time of purchase to December 2018. Next.

          • blank Art h says:

            I’m sorry but that not correct. Land use as they said at the meeting considered it an acceptable use!! Where the heck was bill to put pressure on them and ensure heavy equipment didn’t get on there? No where. Listen we aren’t Gona agree but the fact that you are Gona rail on the state legislators and not the county ones is preposterous. I also did not like the Bill Bell performance of handing the micro phone to the lawyer. So what he got land use people! That’s his job. The state people got you the DHHS Secretary, that’s their job. They should all be taking questions.

          • blank klynmil says:

            Frankly, Art, You have no knowledge of what you speak upon. You must be a very poor listener. Mr. Smith with Land Use said they do not currently have an appropriate use permit and have been issued a violation. The owners have until October 26th 2019 to apply for the correct use permit from the county. That use permit would be Institutional Residential. It has not been granted as of yet. I am, Sir, 100% Correct.

  • blank Joe says:

    Following the latest community meeting last evening, Oct 2nd, it has become increasingly obvious that both Sen Poore and Rep Longhurst have done nothing more than pay lip service to the concerns of their constituents in our neighborhoods. They barely uttered a word, offered an opinion or made any demands for answers of the various owners, operators and other government agencies present at the meeting. In short, they were uninvolved and totally disconnected from us, our issues or the premise of the meeting. It was obvious to anyone watching them sit typing emails on their phones oblivious to the uproar occurring around them from concerned citizens. Alternatively, Councilman Bell at least appeared to care. He has remained in contact with concerned neighbors, has raised our issues at several committee meetings and for his part, at least honored his promise to get answers regarding the zoning requirements at the Refuge. He is hampered by politics of course, and the lack of support from the State representatives. At this time he has at least shown empathy for the situation and has actually taken time to understand the issues. When it is time to vote we should remember that Bill Bell is making the effort while the other two just smile, nod and effectively do nothing to help.

  • blank klynmil says:

    We need a negative star option.1 star is too good for some.

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